Tedeschi Trucks Band – Let Me Get By

You know when a band just knows how to finish songs with a 2-3min jam in a minor key that just makes you move? That’s exactly what this album does. Every song has you wishing you were seeing them live right that very instant. The opening track, “Anyhow” is so catchy and the horns towards the end are so dam haunting and then Derek Trucks comes in with a typical master-class guitar solo that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. I will admit that I am not such a huge fan of Susan’s lead vocals all the time but I respect them so much for their songwriting skills and their musicianship. The title track “Let Me Get By” is so reminiscent of the Allman Brothers that if there was a male lead you would think you were listening to a lost Allman Brothers track. They also throw in a David Bowie cover towards the end of the album “Oh! You Pretty Things” which happens to be one of my favorite Bowie songs.

Here’s them on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts last month;


Alabama Shakes – Sound and Color

This album is amazing! It’s such a big step forward for a band that I thought was going to be 1 and done. The odd time signatures and inclusion of new instruments really elevated their sound. I think this is going to win album of the year next year. I know thats a bold statement but I think as Beak won last year was a huge shock, I think this album is going to do the same thing.


Favorite Tracks – sound & color , dunes and over my head

The Allman Brothers – Brothers and Sisters

[usr 5]


I am just getting into The Allman Brothers and I am lucky that I picked up this album a while back at a garage sale. Such a great album! Every song and even the big hits like Ramblin’ Man which I used to say reminded me of music in a Winn Dixie commercial, but now it blows me away every time now with that long guitar solo outro. My favorite song might be Pony Boy which is the last track on the album. Even my 4 yr old like that song. All the different parts in the song and they played it so dam tight its really incredible! Sometimes I think its Paul McCartney singing.

allman bros

the orwells – disgraceland

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I am currently listening this new band I found called The Orwells. Their latest album is called Disgraceland . I really like the energy of the band. It reminds me of The Strokes mixed with a not as poetic Jim Morrison sounding front man. The songs are catchy, loud and make you feel like your a teenager again. My favorites are track #2 The Righteous One & track #5 Gotta Get Down. The guitars are very simple and easy to play along which makes the songs really stick in your head. The drums are alright, nothing to write home about but I would listen give it a listen on your music streaming app of choice.

iPhone 6 Review

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I picked up an iPhone 6 around xmas and as usual I was pretty blown away by the feel of the phone in my hand. I always think Apple can never go thinner, lighter ect. but they always seem find a way to do it. It instantly puts my iPhone 5 to shame in every way #firstworldproblem . One of my favorite features is the slow motion video, check out this video below…


Another feature I really like is the fingerprint sensor. Using it to unlock the phone and buy apps is super helpful. I have yet to use ApplePay yet because I make most my purchases online but i’m pretty excited to try it out. There’s not much more to say that you haven’t already heard already. If you have the upgrade and the money to get it I would defiantly pick one up.


Bikini Kill

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I recently watched a doc about Bikini Kill and it totally got me into listening to them. I never really heard them before but they have so much power and energy in their music that it really resonates with me. It’s like a girl version of RATM combined with The Ramones. The singer, Kathleen is just this commanding presence on stage and in life. Even at an early age everyone described her as “a force”. That says a lot about someone.


Here’s their biggest hit Rebel Girl


And their website Bikini Kill 

New Job!

So after a little over 3 weeks I finally landed a new job after being laid off from LinkSmart. I will be a Support Engineer at SendGrid. This company is amazing and made me an incredible offer. I’m super excited to still be in downtown Boulder and to have this opportunity to keep my career as a programmer alive. www.sendgrid.com



Fathers Day 2014

Fathers Day 2014 was great. I got to spend the day with my incredible family (Maggie and Noa) and we did a little shopping, got a little ice cream, ate lunch at The Post in Lafayette and Noa danced on stage with the bluegrass band. But then I watched my team the Miami Heat lose in the finals to the Spurs. Pretty embarrassing loss. Actually 3 bad blow out losses. Theres always next year.