iPhone 6 Review

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I picked up an iPhone 6 around xmas and as usual I was pretty blown away by the feel of the phone in my hand. I always think Apple can never go thinner, lighter ect. but they always seem find a way to do it. It instantly puts my iPhone 5 to shame in every way #firstworldproblem . One of my favorite features is the slow motion video, check out this video below…


Another feature I really like is the fingerprint sensor. Using it to unlock the phone and buy apps is super helpful. I have yet to use ApplePay yet because I make most my purchases online but i’m pretty excited to try it out. There’s not much more to say that you haven’t already heard already. If you have the upgrade and the money to get it I would defiantly pick one up.


New Job!

So after a little over 3 weeks I finally landed a new job after being laid off from LinkSmart. I will be a Support Engineer at SendGrid. This company is amazing and made me an incredible offer. I’m super excited to still be in downtown Boulder and to have this opportunity to keep my career as a programmer alive. www.sendgrid.com



Fathers Day 2014

Fathers Day 2014 was great. I got to spend the day with my incredible family (Maggie and Noa) and we did a little shopping, got a little ice cream, ate lunch at The Post in Lafayette and Noa danced on stage with the bluegrass band. But then I watched my team the Miami Heat lose in the finals to the Spurs. Pretty embarrassing loss. Actually 3 bad blow out losses. Theres always next year.

3yr old troubles

Maggie and I have not had a full night sleep in 4 nights and Noa woke up at 5am and yelled at me for 3 hours until I took her to school that she didn’t want the sun to come up and that she wanted to go to school 2 hrs early. Then to top it all off, she stepped in dog shit before she got in my car and now my car smells horrid.

Best Summer Ever

This summer has been absolutely great. It started with me making the decision to go back to school to become a computer programmer. I enrolled in a 3 month ruby on rails school here in louisville and I was super excited but had to fine $5000 to pay for it. Someone at the school told me about a grant I might be able to get, so I looked into it and went to a few classes and bam I got the grant for $5000. Next I needed to get less hrs at work. I asked and they said no. So I thought I will get the foot surgery I have been putting off for 2 yrs and have the doctor give me 1 month off and 2 months of 15hrs per week and time the surgery and school so that it all works out. Bam! that all worked out also. During the school the Miami Heat were making their run at back to back champs and went 7 games in the semis and 7 games in the finals to eventually beat the spurs. This summer also marked 2 yrs cancer free which is a blessing. I got a great bike this summer and started biking. Lots of fun but it hurts my ass. This summer I made an effort not to dress like Hank Moody (blk tshirt and jeans) everyday and I added some more colors. And last but not least I got a software engineer job in Boulder just 1 month out of school! I am still shocked.