The Allman Brothers – Brothers and Sisters

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I am just getting into The Allman Brothers and I am lucky that I picked up this album a while back at a garage sale. Such a great album! Every song and even the big hits like Ramblin’ Man which I used to say reminded me of music in a Winn Dixie commercial, but now it blows me away every time now with that long guitar solo outro. My favorite song might be Pony Boy which is the last track on the album. Even my 4 yr old like that song. All the different parts in the song and they played it so dam tight its really incredible! Sometimes I think its Paul McCartney singing.

allman bros

Michael Jackson Thriller

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Michael Jackson’s Thriller album is seriously one of the best albums of all time. I am luckily to have found this record just sitting at the local thrift store for me to grab at a whopping $1. Probably the best buck I ever spent. Each song is an instant hit and timeless classic that only MJ can do.  Just look at this track list;

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ 

Baby Be Mine

The Girl Is Mine 


Beat It

Billie Jean

Human Nature 

P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) 

The Lady In My Life


And if that isn’t enough to get you off your ass to go listen to this album here is the Thriller video


Cream Disraeli Gears

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Recently I brought my record player to work so I can listen to records while I code. Currently spinning is Cream Disraeli Gears. “Strange Brew”, “Sunshine of your love” and “Tales of brave Ulysses” are my favorite tracks. Clapton is so good on this record.