GlutenFreeBoulder.com is an incredible site to find out about local reviews for Boulder restaurants who cater to customers who are gluten-free. You can also read about reviews for gluten-free products. I created and manage the site.

BodyTalk Maggie

This is another site I made for an alternative medicine practitioner.

H & Y Diamonds

This is another site I made for a Jewelry company in Miami, FL. H & Y Diamonds.  Check them out for all your jewelry needs.


Hello Kavita

This is a band that I played drums for from 2009-2011. We released 2 full-length albums.

SoundCloud / iTunes / Spotify

Here are some songs that I composed and recorded.

Paul Kimbiris

I currently play drums Paul in the Boulder/Denver area.

The Paper Stars

I currently play drums The Paper Stars in the Boulder/Denver area.

Philip Parker

I currently play drums Philip Parker in the Boulder/Denver area.


Leor Manelis Resume

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